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Time to Switch Gears

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m hard on myself. Perfection is what I aspire to achieve but we all know that perfection really doesn’t exist. I hold myself to the highest standards and I beat myself up about the smallest things. My fears are triggered by the unknown and I clam up at the sight of success. God would tell me the direction I needed to go in and I will clam up at the unknown. How long are you going to hold on to your fears? At what point does your faith come in? Those are questions I use to ask myself. Judge me all you want but this faith walk has been a process.

In the last few years, I’ve seen a huge transition in myself. I push myself into the unknown expecting to succeed on the other end. Yes, I still fear the unknown but I dive right into it, ready and willing to come out on the other side further developed and evolved from the experience of it all. Now when God says move, I move! And when I do, I see and experience God’s grace. God has provided in ways that I had least expected, God has opened doors that I thought should be closed, and God has restored things that were once broken in my life. My faith has increased because I’m constantly reminding myself and reflecting on what God has done for me in the past. God has healed me from cancer before, God has provided when I couldn’t pay my mortgage and God put food on my table when I had no money. Why wouldn’t God do those same things now? Nothing about God changes, the only thing that changes is us.

When we are obedient and walk in faith and not in fear, we will see the shift God makes in our lives. We will all experience the ebbs and flows of life and it doesn’t always look the way we expect it to but it will always work out in our favor. I had to be intentional about changing my mindset and thought process. Living is being open, taking chances, letting life happen, allowing God to teach and use you and allowing God to open your mind to wisdom. Let God be a lamp to your feet and light to your path to destiny. What I know about God is that his promises are true! We cannot allow fear to keep us stuck in a place that we no longer belong.

It’s time to switch gears!


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