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Stop Selling Yourself Short

Over the last few years, I’ve been on this journey of evolving, and with that have come many epiphanies and revelations about my life experiences. When I was diagnosed with stage IV, I decided that I would no longer say that I was a survivor but that I was a thriver. My thinking was that I am no longer a survivor but I was surviving. And to thrive, I needed to survive.

In my time of reflection, restoration, and reconnection to the Divine, I’ve concluded that I have been selling myself short. I wasn’t thriving or living because I had given up on some things that I truly wanted for my life, and I gave in to the disease that is trying to kill me. When I was diagnosed with stage IV, I told myself that I could no longer have some of the things that my heart desired. I truly believed that it was no longer possible. BUT I now realize that I was so wrong!

I have always been a person to strive for greater and not just settle for mediocre. Because that is truly who I am, I crave greater and more. I’m evolving and continuing to see myself and my life the way the Divine does. If God does not give up on us, what right do we have to give up on ourselves? Stop selling yourself short! Go for that job, house, job, and/or relationship. Go for EVERYTHING your heart desires because you absolutely deserve it, no matter what your circumstances look like.

NOW I can say that I understand what it means to live and thrive. I vow to no longer sell myself short but to reach and strive for the greater that I know that I not only deserve but am destined to have. This process won’t be easy, but I know who stands and guides me through it. I’m excited to walk in this newness and look forward to the many doors that will be opened.

Live and walk in the you that was created for greatness. Know who you are in God and see yourself with those eyes and not the eyes of self-sabotage or fear.

Evolve with me!

Peace, Love, & Light! T

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