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Tameka Johnson, a retired Special Educator, mother of one, and blogger, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 13.  Eighteen years into remission, she received the diagnosis stage II HER2-positive, estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer in 2013, at age 31. The disease remained in remission from 2013-2016 when her doctors confirmed that her cancer had metastasized to her left lung and collar bone.  After being diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 1994, Tameka knew that it would be her God-given purpose to share her story with the world.

Due to the progression of the disease in 2016, Tameka had to begin chemotherapy for another 4 months and is now stage IV. Currently, she receives treatment to maintain that stability of the disease. Although, she remains what the doctor calls stable her doctors have confirmed that the disease has traveled to her spine.

It was not until 2013 that Tameka began to share her life and story with others through her blog Evolving Soul; the spiritual, personal, and soul evolution of a young woman that is thriving despite her diagnosis and current battle with breast cancer. Tameka remains hopeful that a cure will soon be developed and that she will live a long and prosperous life with her daughter London.

In the early parts of her re-diagnosis, she realized she had to change her mind about Breast Cancer. She couldn’t be angry at it anymore, she had to learn to see life and things differently each day. She decided that she had to use cancer the way that it was using her. She had to make an example out it.

While cancer threatened to end her life, it’s renewed her and has given her a purpose to encourage and strengthen others. To get here, Tameka had to persevere and understand that there was something more significant to come through her battle and that something is her story. Through a combination of courage, faith, and personal evolution- Tameka uses her story to empower others while becoming the woman; God intends for her to be.

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A Survivor's Journey

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